Logo design in Qatar : everything you need to know

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If your company needs a new logo design in Qatar, you’ll probably be exploring your options. Do you go for a completely different logo or tweak the logo design you already have? Either way, you might be questioning: what makes a great logo design? And how do you design a logo that captures the essence of a product, person or brand?

We’re here to answer all of your burning questions about logo design in Qatar , and we’ve even collated the best logo design tools around to help you even further. Use the links opposite to jump to the section you’re interested in. 

And if you’re looking to design amazing logos across a range of devices, you should also check out our countdown of the 5 best logo design apps.


1. The best logo design makers
2. 10 golden rules of logo design
3. Logo research and strategy
4. Typography in logo design
5. Shape and symbolism in logos
6. Colour theory in logo design
7. Using your logo design

Why is logo design important?

Your logo is you or your business’ first point of contact with the outside world. If people connect with your branding, the likelihood is they’ll be more open to whatever it is offering them. Great logo design requires a complex mixture of design skills, creative theory and skilful application. 

Any designer worth their salt can create a fit-for-purpose logo, but truly mastering all aspects of the craft takes time. Of course, logo design is just one small subset of branding, but the logo or brand mark remains the centrepiece of most branding schemes. And we all know that it’s often the part of a new identity that is most picked apart by the public.

If you want to see how it’s done, why not head over to our pick of the best logo designs ever?

The best logo makers

A logo design app is not going to create a branding masterpiece – but you know this. Some people are simply looking for a quick, cheap logo that reflects their start-up brand until it has expanded enough to merit a full brand identity created by a professional designer or agency. Here are five logo design makers that are fast, sophisticated and good value. 

Alternatively, if you’ve got Illustrator, here’s how to design a logo in Illustrator. Or if you have Photoshop only, here’s how to make a logo in Photoshop (note that Illustrator is usually preferred for logo creation).

Now discover everything you need to know about logo design in Qatar

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